The Story Mill Academy

Business Storytelling & Communication Training & Education

We develop content and training to help companies use the art of storytelling in their business communication. We provide video training, articles, webinars and offline storytelling and communication workshops. If you are a larger organisation, we also offer a range of bespoke communication and storytelling workshops and consultancy. 

Professional Video Lessons

All video lessons are recorded with professional cameras, lighting and sound equipment. Professionally authored using state of the art digital media authoring tools from Adobe and Black Magic Design.

Blended Learning

We offer a blended learning approach. We'll work with your organisation to create unique classroom based learning experiences and learning integration programmes to facilitate business transformation.  Click for more information on blended learning.

Mixed Media

Our courses offer a mixed media approach to teach various concepts. From video, multi-choice, PDFs, Audio. This keeps the learning interesting and interactive.

Featured Courses

Tell visual stories using compelling graphics and data
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What makes a great storyteller?

Liking People
Open Minded

Meet our Founders

David Taylor
Co-founder & Senior Trainer

It’s a story of opposites attract. I’m the creative guy who loves technology. As a teenager I adopted the school computer during the holidays. Nerdy maybe – but it was the early ’80’s and computers were like science-fiction. By the early naughties I was leading a busy corporate IT function. But I’d left behind my passion for art & design. The digital age spelled an opportunity.

The synergy of design and technology led me to creating a digital agency.

The world changed after the recession with a call for more authenticity from businesses hence the story revival. The digital revolution has created an opportunity to broadcast stories globally, in an instance.

That propelled me to co-found The Story Mill to bring the power of storytelling into businesses.

Claire Taylor
Co-founder & Senior Trainer

Mine is a story of serendipity. As corporate Marketing Director in healthcare, turned consultant, I’d become restless. A chance conversation in 2011 got me writing a blog of stories. It re-kindled a passion I’d had since childhood. A year later I trained as a storytelling performer. I was hooked!

The recession created a trust gap in business. The corporate world beckoned to me as a place where storytelling could create better connections between people. It was an opportunity to share what I’d discovered, enrich the working lives of others and help to rebuild trust in business.

The blog became a book called The Tao of Storytelling that was published in 2013. And we launched The Story Mill to bring storytelling into business. That’s where the story begins….